• R 350.00

Orange Mango

Orange and mango infused into a gum base that delivers a sweet candy experience. Truly mouth watering and delicious levels of fruit and sweetness

• Size : 100ml • Nic : 3mg

Pink Lemonade

ZONK Pink Lemonade blends mixed berries and fruits to create a complex fruity flavour with a burst of bubble-gum on the exhale that'll keep you guessing each and every time

• Size : 100ml • Nic : 3mg

Watermelon Strawberry

ZONK Watermelon Strawberry delivers a rich fruity bubble-gum experience that may lead you to think you actually have a mouth full of candy. The pairing of strawberry and watermelon create the perfect presence you need

• Size : 100ml • Nic : 3mg


Mixed Berry

ZONK Mixed Berry - Grape, Blueberry, Raspberry Bubble Gum. Relive your favourite pastime! JUICE MAN has created another delicious bubblegum, sure to satisfy any sweet-tooth! This decadent blend of 5 berries and bubblegum will take you back to your childhood.

• Size : 100ml • Nic : 3mg

Cotton Candy

Cotton candy meets bubblegum. ZONK Cotton Candy delivers a nostalgic cross between your favourite gum flavor and carnival cotton candy. A festive experience is contained within every puff

• Size : 100ml • Nic : 3mg