Wotofo Xfiber Cotton

  • R 90.00

Wotofo Xfiber Cotton (3mm Thick)

Vape Cotton Time to ditch the tedious process of ripping, cutting, twisting, measuring your vape cotton when rewicking those coils! Here’s the ultimate solution. Fast and convenient, no more unnecessary waste of cotton! Guaranteed organic cotton, unbleached, and pesticide-free. Specially selected for vaping

Wotofo Xfiber Cotton (6mm Thick)

Xfiber Vape Cotton for Mesh (6mm) Our brand new organic cotton wick has come out now! The Xfiber cotton series! Your next level of wicking experience starts here with the 6mm thick agleted cotton strips for Mesh. The Xfiber Cotton for Mesh is an upgraded version of Wotofo Agleted Cotton