Wiener Vape Co

  • R 220.00


No one seems to know for sure, and old man Taviro insisted that he did it on purpose. Rumor has it that it was simply an accident and that the magic happened by itself. However it may side, and whatever the truth may be, Mr Taviro’s secret Tobacco Custard now lives on long after he is resting in his grave.

From the creators of Good Boy comes a brand new Tobacco and Custard adventure.

Jelly Monster:

Jelly Packet, Opened to snack it, Could not wait for it to set, now your finger is red. Jelly Monster hiding under your bed!

Raibbow Monster:

Allow your taste buds a tinge of bliss, with hints of bright-hued happiness, inhale that rainbow you’ve been chasing, and satisfy your monster craving. Rainbow Monster is that skittle candy vape you have been looking for.

Good Boy:

RY4 is your reward, treat yourself with this great all day vape that never gets old.

Good Boy Oak Reserve Limited!:

This is Good Boy even Gooder! Classic RY4 and aged it in French Oak barrels for 3 months.This is still your favorite Good Boy, but smoother with a hint of the oak barrels it's been housed in and the tobacco notes drifting to the top. Let Good Boy Oak Aged be Your reward!