Sickboy 77

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Sickboy 77 Vape Juice

Nb! Pictures are for visual reference only, priced at 1 x bottle.
Pixie Floss
Delectable strawberry powder milk drink. Lose yourself in the wonderful out of this world taste of pixie delicacy.

Mr Funk
Get funky with a splurge of pineapple mixed through mango and raspberry. Keep the taste funky and get Mr Funk.

Perfectly ripened blackcurrants, infused with kiwi and a hint of sweetness. Night owls enjoying the most of what a midnight blackout gives and teasing the witching hour.

Apple & Lychee Craft
Ice cold apple fused with lychee, thus crafting an ultimate unique taste.

Asylum Hysteria Coffee Custard
Taste of the wild side within an asylum, waking your tastebuds with coffee fused custard. Pleasant hysteria with a satisfying taste. 

Asylum Hysteria Vanilla Custard
Taste of the calmer side within an asylum, relaxing your tastebuds with vanilla fused custard. Pleasant hysteria with a lustful taste.