Dynamic services & supplies sanitizer gel liquid

Dynamic services & supplies Sanitizer

  • R 30.00

Sanitizer Gel
Final concentrations of ethanol 80% v/v, glycerol 1.45% v/v, hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) 0.125% v/v.
Sanitizer Liquid
Final concentrations of isopropyl alcohol 75% v/v, glycerol 1.45% v/v, hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) 0.125% v/v: only pharmacopoeial quality reagents are used and not technical grade products.
Quality Assurance
Dynamic services and supplies follow their internationally accredited process of ensuring that the sanitizer and supplies you purchase are of the best possible quality at all times with keeping your health in mind every time. Our formulation for good health is supported by our strictly designed method, as prescribed by the world health organisation which ensures the right balance of alcohol, ethanol and anti-bacterial products, for the best protection and sanitization.