Puffy Puffs

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Arguably the most unique flavored bubblegum of all time, wicks is a sweet soft pink wintergreen chew with hints of spearmint and delicate fruits. This perfect replica is a complex composite of flavors and inhaling these nostalgic notes will be akin to unwrapping a wicks bubble-gum and chewing the juicy sweet wintergreen and spearmint confectionery. Unlike real gum, this flawlessly balanced juice never loses its flavor!

60VG / 40PG ratio.


Wicks’ sweet soft pink wintergreen chewy goodness with hints of spearmint and delicate fruits with a cold heart. The same perfectly replicated flavor profile will now blow your mind with a stark cooling effect. Vivacious and energizing, this liquid is perfect for a night out, or to vape away some cobwebs!

60VG / 40PG ratio.


The King of the candies is back with another stellar candy! Powdery sweet, yet bold, the newest flavor in Puffy Puffs’s highly-curated candy flavor collection is the perfect fusion of mouth-watering sweet spearmint, and sharp, refreshing peppermint notes that will excite your senses with each inhale. Don’t deny yourself the exhilaration of this minty sophistication.

70VG / 30PG ratio.


The soft fragrant musk in this scrumptious offering is perfectly subdued with a delightfully silky vanilla and almond undertone. Its inhale will electrify your senses with bursts of tantalizing musk and luscious notes of transcendent sweetness, leaving a mouth-watering hint of the original chalky powdered candy that will satisfy even the most fastidious of candy connoisseurs.

70VG / 30PG ratio. 


This all-time fan favourite, smashes into your face, with bold cola on top of a low fizzy toffee nibble.

The calm, steady contrast of the silky smooth toffee brings feral cola to heel, delivering on that perfect Cola Toffee flavour experience; it's everything you expect from the OG candy kings!

70VG / 30PG ratio.


These Gum Balls come in a traditional mix of assorted fruit flavours. The flavours are cantaloupe, cotton candy, mango, peach and strawberry with a true American bubble gum base.

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70VG / 30PG ratio.


Be transported to the carnival with whimsical cottony wisps of spun sugar that is sticky and sweet and indulgent. This flavour will conjure festive blue and pink swirls of candy floss melting in your mouth, with just a hint of tartness for mature palates.

75VG / 25PG ratio.