Project X

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Project X is most definitely not for the bystanders, you’d want in with this e-liquid. With magically mixed blends of flavours, you have to try each one and perhaps settle on them all.
Nutty Cuxtard
A delicious sweet creamy custard with a nutty undertone.
A delicious mix of kiwi, grape & strawberry. With a dash of litchi and chilled with ice. 

Chemistry Project
A collaboration between, vapour chemistry and project x
Strawberry Jam Doughnut
One bite of freshly baked doughnut oozing sweet strawberry jam

DEEP FRIED ice cream:
An amazing deep fried ice cream.With out the calories so you can enjoy it guilt free.
Refreshed Cherry:
Cherry Infused freshly squeezed Fizzy Lemonade in ICE.