Platinum Vapour

  • R 190.00

Platinum vapour boasts unique yet authentic southern tastes fusing e-liquids with traditional tastes and smell familiar to the common South African. This range is one to add to your collection.
Biscotti pear:
The biscotti pear’s barrel reserve blend of juicy caramelised pears delicately nestled in a dreamy custard biscuit base.
Vanilla Bourbon:
The vanilla bourbon is a timeless classic. A Sub-Saharan vanilla bourbon rum reduction slow cured in authentic South African wellington oak barrels. It exits the barrel with a deep woody vanilla red oak note. Rich, smooth and incredibly welcome on the palate.
Ultra Toffee:
A delicious blend of double caramel toffees and mint
Five Leaf:
Absolute refinement culminating in a dark roasted five-leaf tobacco blend, slow-toasted in a rich and creamy hazelnut arabica reduction. For all the tobacco vape lovers out there. Extracted from real tobacco plants to guarantee that authentic flavour craves!
Ultra Menthol:
A delightful mix of kiwi, berries and menthol