OFRF nexMESH Replacement Vape Coil

OFRF nexMESH Replacement Coil

  • R 20.00

OFRF Nexmesh replacement coil is made exclusively for the Wotofo x mrjustright1 profile 24mm bf RDA.
The Nexmesh replacement coils are made with a perforated Kanthal a1 material with 3 times the mesh density of the standard Wotofo mesh style coils.
The increased density and surface area of the Nexmesh micro-weave netting design increases the heating speed and uniformity, guaranteeing consistent quality performance throughout the life of the coil.
The micro-weave design of the Nexmesh coils also reduces spit back and hot spots.
The mesh style coil sheet measures at 16mm by 6.8mm with a resistance of 0.13ohm and performs best at 60 to 70w.
Please note: the pictures per style showcase the style Itself and are not indicative of exact configurations.
Product configurations:
Nexmesh style coil
Kanthal a1
0.13 ohm
16mm by 6.8mm
60 to 70w recommended range