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  • R 250.00

Good Karma

Indulge in good karma, the essence of perfectly ripe peaches infused into a blend of freshly picked strawberries. The fragrance of peach and bright sweetness of strawberry are so perfectly balanced, you'll be glad that what goes around comes back around.

Available in 100ml - 3mg nicotine level

Bad Karma 

Bad karma is a mixture of mango cream with raspberry bits. Treat your senses to the sweet decadence of bad karma, a mouthwatering concoction of juicy mango topped with tart raspberry bits. Every hit is so succulent and bursting with flavour, it's sure to be your next guilty pleasure.

Available in 100ml - 3mg nicotine level



Experience the meaning of true harmony with the mouthwatering taste of yin, a flavour-packed smoothie loaded with freshly picked strawberries and tart blueberries, balanced with the sweetness of tropical açaí berries. We present to you the trifecta of berry goodness, blended into vape perfection.

Available in 100ml - 3mg nicotine level