Juice Man

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 Cherry Lime Cola

Cherry Lime Cola by Juice Man is a burst of fresh cherries and limes Squeezed into a refreshing ice cold glass of Cola, creating a fresh and bright all day vape!

• Size : 100ml • Nic : 3mg

Cherry Blue Cola

Cherry Lime Cola's brother from another mother! Sweet and sour blue - raspberries mixed in with our OG cola blend. What are you waiting for? You won't know until you try

• Size : 100ml • Nic : 3mg

Unicorn Frappe

Don't get in that coffee house line, now you can indulge in the sour sweetness of Unicorn Frappe’ right from your vape. A melange of flavours including Sour blue raspberry, whipped cream with mango and cotton candy drizzle which is a very unique experience that just oozes complexity

Unicorn Frappe on Ice

• Size : 100ml • Nic : 3mg

Dragon Frappe

Its new, its mystical, its a mixture of fruits and cream that will awaken the senses!

Dragon Fruit, Coconut Syrup, Mango, Strawberry, Cream.

• Size : 100ml • Nic : 3mg

Mad Man

MAD MAN - Milky Fruit Circled Cereal like you've never experienced

• Size : 100ml • Nic : 3mg

Snow Man on Ice

Ice cold rainbow snow-cone doused with tropical fruit syrup. Light cooling sensation perfect for nonmenthol users

 • Size : 100ml • Nic : 3mg