Joose E Liqz Mtl

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Toffee d' Luxe Mtl
Creamy caramel butterscotch toffee.

Havana Gold Mtl
A gourmet golden custard and tobacco blend; a complex yet satisfying elixir of butterscotch and vanilla custard notes combined with the sweet and bitter undertones of caramel tobacco as well as a mild touch of our award winning; vanilla cream Cuban cigar - HAVANA NIGHTZ

Havana Cherry Mtl
Havana Cherry, the same great Cigar taste with a dash of freshly picked cherry to give you that great tasting flavour. Available in a 30ml Freebase Nicotine MTL. 

SNLV 18 Mtl
Strawberry, Naartjie, Litchi and Vanilla, bursting with flavour. This joose is sure to please every fruit lover! and orgasmic combo of mouth watering juicy fruits dancing on your tastebuds

Nutty crunch cookie Mtl
Buttery caramel & roasted oats cookie

Those old school green wrapper spearmint sweets without the hole in the middle

Cherry crush Mtl:
A cooling cherry menthol

Arabica Latte Mtl:
Authentic arabica bean espresso & steamed milk

Nectar Mtl:
A Nectarine, Apricot & Pina Colada blend.

Nectar Freeze Mtl:
A Nectarine, Apricot & Pina Colada blend. with ice.

Tin Roof Ice Cream Mtl:
Rich Vanilla Ice Cream with layers of roasted almonds and a fine drizzle of chocolate sauce.

VG/PG Ratio: 60/40