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N'Dulge Range

VG/PG Ratio: 70VG/30PG

Blurred Lines:

Mixed Berry, Grape and Lychee Popsicle

Watermelon Lush:

The perfect summer flavour, refreshing, juicy Watermelon with the perfect combination of bitter, sweet and sour, the exact uniqueness complimented with every drag.

Mango Cardinal:
A fresh selection of only the ripest malaysian mango's blended with a few other sexy exotic fruits to the likes of passionfruit, mangosteen and cantaloupe, all with a slight tickle of ice.

Nookie Monsta:
Nougat & Crunchy Honeycomb Cookie.

Pineapple Trivia:
A succulent juicy pineapple and orange sorbet blend, with a splash of ICE.

Pink Pearl Ice:
A sexy selection of mouth watering melon, juicy blackcurrants and tangy lemonade, shaken not stirred over a dash of ICE.

The Sour Cartel:
The Sour Cartel is a sexy combination of Blue Raspberry and mouth-puckering sour Strawberry.

Baked & The Beautiful

Apple Custard Shake:
80’s Classic, shaken up and loaded with flavour.
Golden oven roasted apple, yummy custard, baked pastry and loads of love.

Lemon Pie:
Old faithful, sorry or should we say “ol facefull”, aprons out for this darling.
Home-baked crust, tangy lemon curd filling, marshmallow toasted meringue bits. Lastly don’t forget to lick the wooden spoon.

Cookie Dough Custard:
Mom’s famous dough bits, of course, “Shaken N Baken”
Mom’s gooey cookie dough, rich butterscotch, creamy ice-cream with loads of laughter.