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Litchi Puddin:

We all have that one taste that lingers in your mouth, and by far this is the one! Litchi pudding, a definite taste of those fresh litchis out the orchard. Enjoyed with creamy yoghurt and a delicate after taste of caramel. The little kick (ice) to it just brings you straight back to why you are enjoying it so much.


Pistachio Baklava is that rich and spiced dessert, balanced with the perfect sweetness and nuttiness we all wish to enjoy. The perfect balance is full of creamy one to warm you up.


Fruits made of nectar, and nectar it is. Then we added the nectar of the Gods, HONEY! Magness is a delicious blend of mango and honeys if you would be able to drink it in an ice cold smoothy. Not just for breakfast but an all day long smoothy.