• R 300.00


Goman Mango:
A sensational ripe juicy mango, this one will leave your mouth watering and longing for more.
Pistachio Tobacco:
A combination of toasted pistachios, rich and robust tobaccos, a hint of sweet caramel with subtle notes of butterscotch, the perfect tobacco lover's choice.
Peanut Butter Banana:
Our Peanut Butter Banana with a soft touch of caramel and vanilla is a perfect combination of flavors that will make you long for more.

O Flurry:
A heavenly delicious vanilla ice cream, covered in rich chocolate biscuits. This is a desert flavor you will not be able to resist. Get you Flurry on! 

Twisted Fruit:
A very interesting and delicious combination of sweet tropical fruit, subtle notes of Banana and Mango rounded off with a twisted combination of Strawberries and Apples. This is a must for fruit lovers.