Demon Killer Muscle Cotton Organic Cotton Fiber Vape Vaping Vapor

Demon Killer Muscle Cotton Organic Cotton Fiber

  • R 90.00

The genuine Demon Killer muscle cotton uses an exclusive purifying procedure at their modern gmp certified facility that eliminates all impurities, natural oils, and pesticides to ensure that the wick is 100% tasteless.


This gives the cloud chaser the cleanest taste without any unwanted flavour and with no break-in period required. The muscle cotton also absorbs and holds e-juice better than other wicks. This keeps your coils juiced longer for a lengthier lasting vape.


Net weight: 0.35 oz (10g);

Cotton wicking material;

No building accessories;

Organic cotton fibre;

100% tasteless cotton wick;

Suitable for rba / rda / rdta;

Large fibers for low-ohm builds;

No chemicals, pesticides, or bleach