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Crocodile Clips Pair - (Red/Black) 

Alligator clip, or crocodile clip, is a spring-loaded alligator jaw type mechanical device. It’s metal serrated jaws are used to create a temporary electrical connection. Spring forces serrated jaws to grip an object. The device is covered with plastic insulation to prevent short circuits.


  • Mental clamps are made of nickel-plated iron material, good electrical conductivity
  • Sleeves are made of high quality PVC, high grade flame retardant, eco-friendly and nontoxic
  • Crocodile clips are frequently used in school physics laboratories to quickly and simple assemble circuits. They are useful for connecting components to wires
  • Great replacement parts to repair broken leads on test equipment and chargers or make your own low-voltage jump leads


  • 45mm Long
  • Max DC current: 10A
  • Pair of Red and Black Clips

Package includes : 

1 pcs Red Crocodile Clip 45mm +  1 pcs Black Crocodile Clip 45mm