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Icey Wicks Bubblegum:



YAll the yellows rolled into one. Juicy Mango, Lemon and yellow Passion Fruit.

The Passion:
Yellow Passion Fruit, Lychee, Lime and Dragon Fruit. Sweetly blended together.

A mouthwatering blend of only the best berries,apple,strawberry,lychee and dragon fruit.

A delicious blueberry and lychee lemonade in an ice cold glass.

A burst of pineapple, orange, mandarin & nectarines cooled off with a slice of ice.


The Toffee:
A sweet and sticky English toffee…plain and simple!

Thrifty Clouds

Turk Ice-Cream:
Thick and Velvety. A delicious Turkish delight ice cream with strawberry ripple running through it.

Shades Of White:
Delicious white chocolate balls with a sweet crispy wafer, centered with almond cream and sprinkled with shredded coconut.

Strawberry Cheesecake:
Soft, creamy & thick. Bursting with strawberry goodness
The Perfect Strawberry Cheesecake.

Peppermint Crisp Tart:
Delicious layers of caramel, cream and tennis biscuit. Topped with a
peppermint crisp crumble.

The Dude Juice

Pink Rabbit:
A thick & chewy, sticky pink vanilla candy with hints of raspberry & strawberry.

Milk Bottles:
Creamy Marshmallow Treat bursting with a rainbow of flavour.