Bewolk Industries Mtl

  • R 180.00

The Pudding Mtl:
A delicious blend of custards & creams mixed in with cookie crumbs & vanilla.

Tobacco Mtl:
Smooth tobacco

Menthol Tobacco Mtl:
Smooth Tobacco with Menthol.

Pink Rabbit Mtl:
A thick & chewy, sticky pink vanilla candy with hints of raspberry & strawberry.

Milk Bottles Mtl:
Creamy Marshmallow Treat bursting with a rainbow of flavour.

The Passion MTL:
Yellow Passion Fruit, Lychee, Lime and Dragon Fruit. Sweetly blended together with Krush’d Ice.

Berriez MTL:
A mouthwatering blend of only the best berries,apple,strawberry,lychee and dragon fruit. All served with a winter chill.

Blumanade Mtl:
A delicious blueberry and lychee lemonade in an ice cold glass.